Reviewers Welcome

Dear Friends, Colleagues, Members of the IEMFS, As you know we are preparing a special edition of the PJES which will include papers presented during our July conference. We would like to complement the issue as we did in 2017 with a selection of book reviews.

As you can see from this issue many of the books published after 2000 have already been reviewed so we would like to concentrate on more recent publications, preferably published since 2010. However, we are quite flexible, if you really want to review a book which has already been reviewed or was published before 2010 we cannot stop you. You may take a look at this introduction to Forster-related books published between 2000 and 2016 here and a bibliography of such books from 2000 to 2021 here. This is only a guidance, we will be more than happy to hear about books we have not found yet. You can also invite a friend to review your book that you would like to promote.

The deadline for review submissions is September 1st. Unfortunately, we do not have any of these books to share, you have to check your libraries or contact the publishers for reviewer’s copies (yes, it does work, they really want to sell their books, we have tried it!). If the publisher demands a confirmation that the review will indeed be published, you may direct them to me.

Yours Sincerely,

Krzysztof Fordoński

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