Reviews of Forster related works welcome!

Dear Friends and Members of the IEMFS,

In the autumn we intend to publish a special issue of the Polish Journal of English Studies dedicated to E. M. Forster. As the journal includes a book review section, we would like the section to be devoted exclusively to Forsteriana in this forthcoming issue. It will be an opportunity for many of us to see what has been published recently on our favourite topic, perhaps, something we have not been aware of.

If you have read an E. M. Forster related book published recently – let’s say within the last decade – and you would like to share your thoughts, please, send your review by the end of September through our contact form. We generally except three to five pages review, but we are ready to accept longer, critical pieces as well as brief bibliographical notes.

We are looking forward to hearing from you!

On behalf of the Society

Krzysztof Fordonski

5 thoughts on “Reviews of Forster related works welcome!

  1. Alexandre Aguiar says:


    My name is Alexandre Aguiar, I am from Brazil and I am very interested in everything related to E.M.Forster. I have written some articles and a book based on Howards End. I would love to share them with you all, so that we could learn from one another. How can I do it?

    • Helvio Moraes says:

      Hello, Alexandre! It is so good to know you’re interested in E.M. Forster. I am also from Brazil. I teach at Universidade do Estado de Mato Grosso (UNEMAT). I am finishing the last revision of a book which will be published next year, with the study and translation of Forster’s “The Machine Stops”. I hope we can be in touch!
      Helvio Moraes.

      • Alexandre M. Aguiar says:

        Hello Hélvio Moraes,

        Sorry for the delay, yes I am very interested in E.M Forster’s novels and I have written a lot about him.

        I am publishing my second book based on A Passage to India in 2020, which I consider wonderful and I am arranging a trip to India next year in order to start my field research in Nova Delhi University and to take photographs of the Marabar Caves mentioned by E.M.Forster.

        I also hope to translate my book into English so that I can share them with our dear friends of the International E.M. Forster Society
        Thank you very much.

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