Birthday of E. M. Forster

Dear Friends, Colleagues, Members of the IEMFS,

Once more we celebrated the birthday of Edward Morgan Forster and we looked back on the year that has just ended. It was not quite as busy for the Society as previous two years but we still have something to be proud of. We have started the year with the publication of the Special Issue of the PJES (if you missed it somehow, it is here: ), we joined the fight to protect Forster Country (though with little success so far), we have expanded to a new social medium: the Twitter, to mention but a few of our activities. Our Society has grown again – we have fourteen new members in 2022 and already one in 2023!

Let me use the opportunity to invite you to an undertaking which is perhaps not directly related to Forster but it is very Forsterian in spirit. It was Forster, after all, who kept up with the most up to date literature of his times and reviewed new books generously in various journals. The Polish Journal of English Studies, which hosted us twice already, is looking for submissions about the latest English language literature for the 2023 issue. Pick a book (a novel, a play, or a collection of poems) that is so new that no one has written about it yet and write the first academic article about it. You don’t need time to check the critical bibliography because your paper, once published, will be the very first on the list. We are expecting your submissions by March – don’t be late or somebody else will write about that perfect book first! You will find all the necessary details at

Stay tuned for more news about our activities! All the best in 2023!

The Board of the IEMFS

Krzysztof Fordoński

Anna Kwiatkowska

Heiko Zimmermann

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