Academic Programme

The international conference “E. M. Forster: Nature, Culture, Queer” is co-organized by Dr Heiko Zimmermann, University of Education Ludwigsburg; Dr Anna Kwiatkowska, University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn; and Prof. Krzysztof Fordoński, University of Warsaw. Head of support in Ludwigsburg is Anna-Maria Birkenberger.

Students of the University of Education Ludwigsburg can attend individual sessions in seminar room 1.210 (i.e. Nature, Culture, or Queer–but not the Lightning Talks or the Poster Session) without prior registration.

Visitors or students who want to attend more than just selected sessions, can register as visitors on this website (see tab and link above).


Friday, 13 April 2018
 Welcome Prof. Dr Jörg-U. Keßler, vice rector of the UEL;
Prof. Dr Jürgen Mertens, director of the Institute of Languages;
Prof. Krzysztof Fordonski, chairman of the IEMFS; and
Dr Heiko Zimmermann, co-organizer conference
Nature 1
Chair: Heiko Zimmermann
Gemma Moss
Women In and Out: Maurice, Feminism and Social Purity

Julia Libor
An Ecofeminist Approach to E. M. Forster’s “The Machine Stops”

Culture 1
Chair: Anna Kwiatkowska
Parker Gordon
E. M. Forster, Ralph Vaughan Williams, and William Blake’s Pastoral Pageant: Literary and Musical Allusions to the Past

Krzysztof Fordonski
Forster on the Air: TV and Radio Adaptations of the Works of
E. M. Forster

Queer 1
Chair: Krzysztof Fordonski
Cynthia Drake
Queer Revisions in A Passage to India

Richard Canning
“Breaking a Butterfly upon a Wheel”:
The Secret Love of E. M. Forster and Ronald Firbank

Nature 2
Chair: Daniel Monk
Barbara Puschmann-Nalenz
E. M. Forster’s Fictional Representations of Landscape in England and in the British Raj

Jana M. Giles
“She was particularly vexed now”:
The Posthumanist Sublime in E. M. Forster’s: A Passage to India

Lightning Talks Heiko Zimmermann
E. M. Forster: Nature, Culture, Queer!

Peggy Wood
Maurice’s Love: Coming Out Hasn’t Changed

Francesca Pierini
Multitudes of Otherness: The Depiction of Italian and Indian Crowds in Forster’s Where Angels Fear to Tread and A Passage to India

Sujan Mondal
Tryst with Syed Ross Masood:
E. M. Forster’s Cross-Cultural Encounter at Aligarh

Ursula Kluwick
Forster’s Tourists: Queering Culture through Foreign Landscapes

Tarik Gulcu
Foster’s Prophetic Response to Kipling’s Progressivism:
“The Machine Stops”

Maciej Adamski
The Car in the Novel: Constructing the Image of Early Motoring in E. M. Forster’s Howards End

Culture 2
Chair: Ursula Kluwick
David Scourfield
De-/Re-queering Virgil:
Forster’s “Other Kingdom” and the Second Eclogue

Daniel Monk
E. M. Forster’s Will: A Posthumous Publication?


Saturday, 14 April 2018

Nature 3
Chair: Peggy Wood
Tatiana Prorokova
“Facing the Sunshine”: The Role of Nature in A Room with a View

Sarah Saeckel
Entering A Room With a View, Embodying Nature/Culture/Queer

Queer 2
Chair: David Scourfield
Howard Booth
Representing Queer Experience: Maurice and Damon Galgut’s Arctic Summer

Claire Monk
Queer Nature in Maurice Fanfictions

Posters Sujan Mondal
Tryst with Syed Ross Masood:
E. M. Forster’s Cross-Cultural Encounter at Aligarh

Randi Saloman
From “Only Connect” to Autocorrect: Editing Forster for the 21st Century

Sabine Tomas
Progressive Views of Women in E. M. Forster

Peggy Wood
Maurice’s Love: Coming Out Hasn’t Changed

Heiko Zimmermann
E. M. Forster: Nature, Culture, Queer!

Nature 4
Chair: Howard Booth
Nour Dakkak
“Trailing noiselessly”: Walking the Material Landscape in Howards End and The Longest Journey

Anna Kwiatkowska
Seriously Mocking Interiors and Their Mockingly Serious Inhabitants in Where Angels Fear to Tread by E. M. Forster

Closing Session
Chair: Krzysztof Fordonski
Meeting of the IEMFS