Dear Friends, Colleagues, Members of the IEMFS,

It is hard to believe that our conference ended over a week ago. The time passes so quickly at the very end of the semester and only now we can send you the following information. Please, feel free to share this with your colleagues who might be interested.

The conference was a huge success and I want to thank all those who made it possible, particularly those who joined us either in person or online. If you could not join us, however, there is still possibility to do so, although not necessarily in sunny Olsztyn.

As some of you already know the conference was streamed live on YouTube and the streams are accessible at https://www.youtube.com/@I.E.M.F.S./streams  

If you want to choose a specific presentation, the programme is available here

At the end of the programme you will find summaries of prerecorded presentations which are accessible in this folder 

If you want to see something more, photographs from the conference are available in this photo folder.

And, finally, there will be two publications which we do not want to limit to the materials from the conference so even if you did not go, you are more than welcome to submit your work. The call for papers to be published in the Polish Journal of English Studies is here whereas the information for contributors can be found here and you may also check two previous Forster related issues 3.2 and 7.2 here. All topics related to Forster will be considered for this publication. We have already received two submissions so don’t keep us waiting! The details of the second book publication dedicated exclusively to A Passage to India should be available soon!

Have a great summer!

Krzysztof Fordoński

& Anna Kwiatkowska